To conclude the ‘Having A Life Worth Living’ Series, The Sashbear Foundation released this insightful video from Blaise Aguirre, MD.

‘Each year The Sashbear Foundation marks International Mindfulness Day by releasing a message of kindness and compassion to commemorate the birthday of Sasha Menu Courey. Sasha suffered from Emotion Dysregulation and died by suicide in 2011. This year Sashbear is sharing a frank and insightful interview with Dr. Blaise Aguirre, Medical Director of McLean 3East in Boston and one of the leading thinkers and practitioners in Emotion Dysregulation. This mindful discussion is of great value in understanding this not-so-understood disorder, Please share. The interview with Dr. Aguirre was part of an extraordinary film ‘HAVING A LIFE WORTH LIVING’ that Sashbear released last year featuring 12 individuals who speaking candidly about what it has been like living with Emotion Dysregulation.’ – The Sashbear Foundation 

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