Professor Andrew Chanen

Professor Andrew Chanen is the Deputy Director of research at Orygen: The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, Board Director of NEABPD Australia and the President of ISSPD (International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders). He is the...

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Interview with Barb Mullen

Barbara Mullen is one of the specialist leaders in Australia’s first Family Connections®course. Family Connections®is an evidence-based program developed by the U.S. NEABPD organisation. It runs for 12 weeks, is free, and (as the name suggests) is for families...

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Marsha Linehan talks personally

New York Times Article The Power of Rescuing Others: Marsha Linehan, a therapist and researcher at the University of Washington who suffered from borderline personality disorder, recalls the religious experience that transformed her as a young woman. By BENEDICT CAREY...

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