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NEABPD Aust aims to provide a central resource hub comprising the latest knowledge on BPD. Information, research and articles will be sourced from Australia, the US and Europe and will include books and publications; links to organisations and programs; and conference presentations.

By sharing reliable, current information from leading research professionals, we hope to provide consumers, family members and clinicians, as well as the general public, with tools to enhance the education, treatment and quality of life of those affected by this disorder.

From World Psychiatry:

Prevention and early intervention for borderline personality disorder:
a novel public health priority

Although the onset of BPD is usually quite early (e.g. in teenage years), many people are diagnosed only when they are adults and their symptoms have become quite severe. Evidence-based treatments have demonstrated that structured treatments for BPD are effective, but quite often they are out of reach for many.

The article suggests that child and youth health professionals should be trained in early diagnosis and treatment of BPD, allowing for early treatment and possibly prevention of BPD. Also, social and policy priorities are needed to be put in place; for example, the recognition of BPD as a severe mental disorder and a creating a system that responds to patients with early intervention, prevention and treatment.

To read the full World Psychiatry article by Chanen et al. please    download a copy.

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