Family Connections™ Leaders Training

Are you interested in volunteering to become a trained Family Connections™ Leader?

2021 Family Connections Leaders Training

The next Family Connections™ Leader Training will be held in Western Australia in August 2021. 

Family Connections™ is an evidence-based program for families and friends of people with borderline personality disorder that provides peer support, psycho-education and skills anchored in dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT).

The Family Connections™ Leader Training is to train clinicians and carer-peers with the view to facilitate groups for family/ friends of people with Borderline Personality Disorder, BPD traits or Emotional Dysregulation.

The two days of training will enable participants to be accredited as a Family Connections™ program facilitator of the internationally renowned Family Connections™  program. This training is only for those who wish to run NEABPD Australia’s Family Connections™ groups as volunteer leaders and can commit to running a group within three months post training.



Dates & Times

Saturday 7th August and Sunday 8th August 2021

Registration: 8:45am
Event: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Prompt 9.00am start


Carers: $150
Health Professionals: $150

Refresher Course: $50

Eligibility to register

The following eligibility criteria apply:

  • Mental health professional OR Carer-peer i.e. partners, parents, adult family members or friends of person with borderline personality disorder/emotion dysregulation
  • Participants must attend in pairs OR agree to be paired on the first day of Family Connections™ Leader Training
  • Carer-peers who attend will be paired with a mental health professional prior or during the training
  • Participants will go on to facilitate a free Family Connections™ program within three months of completing the training
  • Don’t have a venue? Enquire about our new Family Connections™ Telecommunications Program where you can co-facilitate your program online with our support.

Registration & Payment

Step 1

Please send your application form to


**Carer Peers are required to complete the 12 week Family Connections program prior to engaging in the Leader training

**Availability to run the program within 3 months post training (no longer than 6 months post training)

Step 2

Once your registration has been approved via email correspondence please proceed to payment.


Refund Policy

If the training is cancelled at any time, participants have the option of rescheduling to another date or receiving a full refund. No further monies will be paid for any other expenses that the participant has or may incur.

**No refunds will be provided.

Please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria prior to payment and are able to commit to co-leading your first family connections program within a reasonable time frame.

Thinking of Attending?

There are limited places so please check before enrolling to ensure you are eligible. Training will be only offered to those who would like to become a co-facilitator of the Family Connections™ program in their local area.

Whilst the FCLT trainers will be mindful of participants distress, this Family Connections™ Leaders Training is not intended to address the well being of those who attend. That is, this is not a Family Connections™ group.

By the end of the training attendees will have the skills to run a Family Connections™ group in your local area. A commitment to run a group is essential and advice and processes for this will be discussed at the training. Newly trained leaders are supported by the Family Connections™ National Manager, as well as Family Connections™ Program Manuals and resources which are provided for all Family Connections™ Leaders.

The training does not require prior knowledge of DBT and will be a ‘nuts and bolts’ training needed to deliver the Family Connections™ program. Much of the training will have the trainers delivering the materials as they would at an FC program using this as a foundation for discussion and for participants to then practice themselves.

Trained and experienced DBT therapists will not learn new content material but rather will learn from family members about their experiences, integrating this and their existing DBT knowledge into the Family Connections™ program along with the peer support and psycho-education dimensions and supporting family members of those with BPD.

We invite you to attend the Family Connections™ Leader Training on the understanding that you will commit to leading free Family Connections™ programs within the next three to six months of the training. The training is to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from a decrease in substantial pain and suffering.


In keeping with Family Connections™ licensing, tradition and culture, all Family Connections™ work is provided without professional charge to participants. Thank you to the trainers who have so kindly donated their professional time.

Family Connections Leaders Trainers