Webinar – Part 2

Wednesday December 5, 2018;

BPD and Families – What’s the Connection?


Watch a FREE webinar with a panel discussion featuring Cassie Choo, person with lived experience of BPD, Carissa Wright, BPD Peer Support Group Facilitator and Aaron Fornarino, Public Sector Employee, person with lived experience of BPD and Law Student.


This discussion was to connect carers, Family Connections leaders, and mental health professionals through a 1 hour webinar to provide education, support and insights into experiences of living with BPD, caring for someone with BPD, and being a part of the Family Connections Community.  This webinar focuses on the personal experience of those with BPD and how they navigate the illness and treatment journey.

Previous Webinar

BPD and Families – What’s the Connection? Part 1

by National Education Alliance of Borderline Personality Disorder, Australia

Introducing Your Speakers

Casie Choo - Person with lived experience of BPD, Peer Community Worker

“I’m 27 years old and I was diagnosed with BPD 6 years ago. I’m currently doing quite well with my recovery journey and believe strongly in promoting that people with BPD can and do recover. What has helped me was getting the right support when I needed it – from loved ones and mental health professionals, and having meaningful life goals to work towards. I’m an occupational therapist and currently work as a Peer Community Worker within the mental health program of a non government organisation. Over the years I’ve also been a consumer representative in a number of mental health committees/advisory groups.”

Carissa Wright - Person with lived experience of BPD, BPD Peer Support Group Facilitator

“My name is Carissa Wright. I am 28 years of age and I have navigated Western Australia’s mental health system for 13 years. I am a full-time student studying Cert 4 Peer Support Work, and I facilitate my own BPD Peer Support Group to help with the wait lists for therapy here in Perth. I am a credited Lived Experience speaker and a contributor for one of the leading mental health websites the mighty. I share my story in hope to form meaningful connections, sparking hope in others to work towards living an authentic life and to accept who they are regardless of the label society has placed upon them.”

Aaron Fornarino - Public sector employee, Person with lived experience of BPD, Law student

“I am 36 years old and have been living with Borderline Personality Disorder for over 22 years. I work full-time for the South Australian Government, and study a Bachelor of Law degree part-time at Flinders University. I have given several talks in Adelaide about my lived experience with BPD, stigma and discrimination and have actively advocated for better services since 2012. I wish to provide others with hope and courage in facing treatment and to accept the disorder is not a life sentence. Resilience and tolerance are my key themes in public engagements, as stigma and discrimination are still prevalent and community attitudes require attention. BPD is no longer a disorder that is untreatable but one that can be managed with a compassionate and humane approach.”

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