Family Connections Leaders

Welcome Family Connections Leaders!

We want to welcome you to Family Connections™ Leaders section on the BPD Australia site. This is the first step in developing an informational and communication on-line resource based on long-term developments plans for Family Connections™ and, equally important, input from Family Connections™ leaders themselves.

We are pleased to offer the materials that you need for conducting the course. The reading materials offer background information to the modules and can be downloaded and shared with your group as needed.

This is a secure portion of the site and we ask that you not share your log-on information with anyone to insure the copyright of the material. The program has been designed so that leaders can log in on only one computer.

Experience has shown us just how dedicated FC leaders are and how the mission to help other family members keeps us all motivated. We hope that this site will allow for ongoing learning and communication in the FC leaders community.

I’m grateful appreciation for all that you do,

Warm regards,




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