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National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder Australia (NEABPD-Australia) is committed to shining the light of hope on BPD in Australia by providing the latest global research and information, so that knowledge can lead to increased understanding, compassion, recovery and raise public awareness.

NEABPD-Australia is fortunate to belong to the International NEABPD family, benefiting the Australian community from its wealth of medical and scientific knowledge, evidence based specialist family programs and strong International voice.

Our aims in Australia include

Raising public awareness

Addressing the surplus stigma

Raising public awareness

Addressing the surplus stigma

Creation of a specialist BPD knowledge resource centre

Working with government, hospitals, medical and therapeutic associations to enhance understanding and compassion.

Educating families and schools through the provision of Internationally renowned, evidence based specialist programs

Educating professionals via the provision of global research and information, and fellowships to study overseas

Provision of treatment details for this very treatable disease

Partnering mental health entities to provide a strong platform for BPD advocacy

Board of Directors

Andrew Chanen
Meagan Henderson
Richard Taylor
Bill Miliotis
Kate Hulusi
Carissa Wright

Supporters in Kind

Professor Alan Fruzzetti
Dr Roy Krawitz
Louise White

Contact us

If you wish to contact NEABPD Australia, please leave your details here or directly email contact@bpdaustralia.org . Office hours vary, and we endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 3-5 business days. For all registrations regarding our courses, please click here

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